On November 9th, 2015, my new author/artist/film maker website went live.  A lot has happened since then.


   Most recently, due to the virus interferance with my other activities, I and my associate have been creating official Marquiss Studios Commendations for people we have personally found to be putting themselves at risk to help others.  For example, we were visited by two young people from the Los Angeles Dream Center who were distributing food to the elderly.  I wrote up this commendation for the food workers and sent copies along with the accompanying letters to both the Dream Center manager and the Los Angeles Mayor's Office requesting that each person involved get a copy of it with his or her name on it.

   In march I sold a movie prop dagger by Jody Samson and a print of my epic painting, "The Battle of Thermopylae".

   In early February I sold my original oil painting on canvas, "The Sacred Pool".  The buyer was so happy with the oil painting he sent me a photo of it hanging on his wall.

   In January I created an eBay account to sell my oil paintings and other artwork.  Click the link to see my art for sale.