from Robert Marquiss

   On November 9th, 2015, my new author/artist/film maker website went live.  At the time it consisted of a basic design with limited entries.  It has grown since and is still growing.

NEW RELEASE: The Kingdoms of Magic Volume 1 contains the first 9 Books of the Kingdoms in your choice of formats!

* Last year's sale prices are extended until further notice. *

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   ALL my fiction in English is now available in Paperback, PDF, ePUB and Kindle.

* Azeroth Prime is now in both paperback and Kindle. *

   I've started writing a new story: Mystery Planet.  The first three chapters plus are up on the web with illustrations as a teaser.

   I've written and scripted Desert Secrets, a story located in the south west US desert.  I'm working on getting the props together.